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Full Program 2016

eSAME – JRE – S-Cube
1st of December

Technical conference
IoT Contest
JRE Booth
University Booth
09H00 – 09H05
Conference Opening
09H05 – 10H00 Interactive Keynote by Gerald Maunier, Principal solution architect, Gemalto (Amphi)
“IOT Security : how IoT solutions should be designed to bring trust and enable the full potential of IoT
Coding and debug on STM Nucleo Platform Exhibition Show Morning session:live demos
10H00 – 10H10 Break
10H10 – 11H00 Cap’tronic (Alain Briton)
and Panel session
” De la conception, à l’industrialisation et la production : témoignages d’industriels et de PME du territoire PACA”
Technical conference on TEST by Bruno Cohen, Head of Services Sales, & Richard KEROMEN, Marketing Manager National Instruments France
(CLC Meeting Room – Floor -1)
11H00 – 12H20
Interactive Session on Wireless IoT Standards (Amphi)
Technical Conference CNFM by Olivier BONNAUD, & Béatrice Pradarelli, « The part of the GIP-CNFM in the training of company executives in microelectronics »
(CLC Meeting Room – Floor -1)
12H15 – 13H30
13H30 – 14H20
Interactive Keynote by Dominique Thomas, STM (Amphi)
« Some digital technologies to enable Internet of Things »
Public demonstration Exhibition Show Afternoon session:live demos
14H20 – 15H40
Interactive Session onSecurity for IoT
Session on Augmented reality
(Room 121)
15H40 – 16H00 Break
16H00 – 17H00
Session on Low Power Systems
17H20 – 17H50 eSAME and JRE Closing ceremony

2nd of December

Technical conference
08H30 – 09H00
Welcome coffe
09H00 – 10H20
Session on Wireless Sensor Network
10H20 – 10H40 Break
10H40 – 12H00
Session on Smart City and Industry 4.0 applications
12H10 – 13H30
13H30 – 14H30
Session on Smart Sensing
14H30 – 14H50 S-Cube Closing ceremony
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