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Best Presentation : R. Apfeldorfer, Actility

“SmartGrid and Internet of Things (IoT) enabler”


bp    raphael

Best University Booth : Tommaso Polonelli*, Lorenzo Spadaro*, *DIE, Università Di Bologna, Italy °D-ITET; ETH Ziruch, Switzerland

“SHelmet: an intelligent self-sustaining multi sensors smart helmet for bikers”



STM32 Nucleo IoT Contest :

1ier prix : “GreenYourLife” Hoa Truong, MUHAMMAD Haziq, LEAT/I3S
2ieme prix : “Rotative system of LEDs which can be driven by an user with a Bluetooth module.” Quinart Florian, Serag Georges, Audoly louis, Polytech’Nice Sophia
3ieme prix : “Smart locking system” Delannoy Fanny, Girerd Florian, Moretti Matthieu, Polytech’Nice Sophia



International STM32 Nucleo IoT Contest

Air Sounder team,  Anh-Khoa Bui, Thanh-Hai Dao, Chau-Ngan Le-Thi, Hoai-Phong Nguyen, Thanh-Hien Nguyen, Manh-Thao Nguyen, Thoai-An Ta, Kim-Chi Ho-Mai, Huy-Hung Bui,

Mentor  : Trinh Le Huy, Dinh-Duy Phan