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Technical conferences 2015

Schedule Title Company Authors Session
09H00 – 09H10 Conference Opening
09H10 – 09H50 Keynote : Trends in Video Processing for Mobile Systems Intel J-P. Giacalone Embedded Audio-Video processing
Chairman : P. Boyron, STM
09H50 – 10H10 MIPI: Advanced Driver Assistance System – application and system development Cadence G. Zarri
10H10 – 10H35 On the use of differential microphone array for echo cancellation (paper) Intel R. Cathelain, C. Yemdji
10H35 – 10H55 Efficient FPGA-based Embedded Video Systems and the move toward Software Defined Video Infrastructure (paper) Xilinx A. Behman
10H55 – 11H15 Smart Hives for Sustainable Beekeeping (paper) Melixa M. Benedetti Green IoT
Chairman : L. Lizzi, LEAT
11H15 – 11H35 Smart electric metering for efficient electric network (paper) Qualisteo EpOC Kien Nguyen
11H35 – 11H55 Multi-harvester system for on-body sensors (paper) ETH – Zurich M. Magno
11H55 – 12H20 Geolocation system with ultra low power consuption Abeeway S. Boudaud, J. David
12H20 – 13H30 Lunch
13H30 – 14H10 Keynote : Open Source projects based on Field programmable RF and Digital technologies are driving wireless innovation Lime Micro E. Bushehri 5G challenges
Chairman : D. Nussbaum, Eurecom
14H10 – 14H30 Flexible wireless infrastructure for 4G and 5G Eurecom F. Kaltenberger
14H30 – 15H00 CyberSecurity on Intelligent Transportation Systems Intel H. A. Cozzetti
15H00 – 15H30 Speed Networking Break
15H30 – 15H50 LP Techniques in Digital Design Landscape and Prospect (Paper) Cadence S. Backert Saving Power in embedded system
Chairman : N. Bacquet, Arm
15H50 – 16H10 Scaling and efficient flexible cloud ARM C. Evrard
16H10 – 16H30 Sensors on mobile devices – applications, power management and security aspects (paper) Intel Katrin Matthes
16H30 – 16H50 A Multi-View Co-Modeling and Co-Simulation Framework for Heterogeneous Embedded Systems INRIA A. Khecharem
17H00 – 17H50 Closing ceremony