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Full Program 2017

Technical conference
IoT Contest
09H00 – 09H10
Conference Opening (Amphi.)
09H10 – 10H00 Keynote “From Advanced Driving Assistance Systems to Autonomous Drive: The complexity challenge.”, by Jean-Pierre Giacolone, Renault (Amphi.) Coding and debug on STM Nucleo Platform (Amphi.)
10H00 – 10H10 Innovashow : Pitch (Amphi.)
10H10 – 10H20 Break
10H20 – 11H20 Technical Conference on Security, Milosch Meriac from ARM
Innovashow Demo
Room 101
11H20 – 12H00 Session on Intelligent Transport System : Bosch, ClearSy (Amphi)
12H00 – 13H20 Lunch
13H20 – 14H00 Keynote “Advanced IP solutions to enable the autonomous automotive revolution”, by Rod Watt, Director, Vehicle Arch & System Analysis, arm (Amphi.) Public demonstration
14H00 – 15H30 Interactive Session on HW Security for IoT :
Olivier Thomas from Texplained, Milosch Meriac from ARM, Laurent Rinn from Renault, Yannick Teglia from Gemalto (Amphi.)
15H30 – 15H50 Break
15H50 – 17H20 Session IoT Buiding blocks :
C. Tetelin (AFNOR), Air France, Insight SIP (Amphi.)
17H20 – 17H50 Closing ceremony
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