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“How IoT solutions should be designed to bring trust and enable the full potential of IoT” by Gerald Maunier

Schedule : 9H05 – 10H00

Place : Amphi

Abstract : “The speaker will first make a status on current IoT security, and highlight main classes of attacks. He will then discuss the trust properties required for a safe IoT ecosystem, and how to prepare for the bad”

Gerald Maunier    maunier
Principal Solution Architect – M2M, Identity & Mobile Security – Gemalto SA

Bio : Gerald is a Principal solution architect with Gemalto M2M group, in charge of advanced technical studies, relationships with partner companies, and expert in end to end security. With over eighteen years in Gemalto, he has worked in different positions and combines strong knowledge in the fields of GSM, automotive, M2M, and Identity. Gerald represented Gemalto at the ETSI/3GPP standards committee, contributed to create the first SIM Alliance specifications, and co-chaired the authentication workgroup of Trusted Computing Group. He participated in several European funded projects and co-authored various papers and patents. Before joining Gemalto, he co-founded an independent software company developing telecom products.