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Awards eSAME 2015

Awards have been annonced at the eSAME 2015 closing session
Life Achievement Award : Pierre Bricaud
Best Paper : Michele Magno, ETH Zurich
Images intégrées 2
Best University Booth : Chaka Kone, “Real Life Emotion Recognition Using Physiological Signals”, University Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France
Best Trainee : Raphael Cathelain, “On the use of differential microphone array for echo cancellation”, Intel
STM32 Nucleo IoT Contest : 
1ier prix : “Wireless Pong Game!” “Ping-Pong Virtuel sans fil” :Fatima Diop, Alexandre Hochart, Clément Le Marquis, Mickael Renault, Polytech’Nice Sophia
2ieme prix : “Embedded security features in bike Helmets” A. Sotoca, J. Forest, Polytech’Nice Sophia
3ieme prix : “Luggage monitoring system” M. Cosker, F. Baurreau”, LEAT
Prix Lycéen : Quiz Métier de l’Ingénieur : Mathias Viey, Lycée Audiberti, Antibes

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